Spinal Flow Technique

Suitable for Adults & Children
• Spinal Flow Consultation, Spinal & Postural Assessment (Complimentary) - 30 Mins
• Spinal Flow Technique Treatment $65.00 - 30 Mins
• Child 0 – 2 Yrs Complimentary *if a parent is a client*
• Child 0 – 12 Yrs $45.00 - 30 Mins
• Packages Of 6/12 10% – 15 % Savings (purchase in a package to save on each treatment)

Sooner Zahn, LCPH

Sooner Zahn, a Post Graduate Licentiate from The College of Practical Homeopathy in London, champions holistic healing, offering alternatives to those seeking solutions beyond conventional medicine.

She utilizes a blend of homeopathy, thermography, spinal flow, herbal remedies, nutrition, and various holistic approaches, including the five Chinese elements and Ayurveda, to design personalized wellness plans.

Passionate about empowering her patients, Sooner is committed to facilitating their journey toward a balanced, pain-free life through safe and effective treatments.

Dr Carli Axford (former Chiropractor of 20 years) created the Spinal Flow® Technique to help people release stress & trauma stored in the body and allow healing.

There is an innate wisdom inside every human body to restore, allay and mend itself. Just as our gut digests our food and our hair grows, our bodies know how to heal by harnessing the nervous system.

Spinal blockages are like static interference for our master controller – the spine and nervous system – which can block the flow of our body’s aptitude to heal itself.

Spinal Flow Technique® helps locate blockages that cause symptoms like pain or illness by making contact with the 33 access points of the spine to allow healing to happen.

Certified Spinal Flow® Technique practitioners understand how to effectively assess and enable the body to connect to the ease that exists within. 

The human body has everything it needs inside of it to heal, particularly the 33 access points.

Practitioners learn where these access points are located on the body and how to contact them to release spinal blockages.

The 33 access points are located mostly on the sacrum and cranium, where the dura mater is closest to external touch. Making contact with these access points sends a message to the brain to release spinal blockages.

This is a transformative experience and helps people with symptoms ranging from pain, depression, anxiety, headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and more.

The Seven Gateways of the Spine

The 7 gateways of the spine are the main assessment tool used in Spinal Flow® Technique. Each gateway holds different symptoms and stories of an individual’s life experience, particularly with regard to stress & trauma. See the chart below.

The Philosophy

The body has its own wisdom, and this is the philosophy that underpins Spinal Flow Technique.

There is a Spinal Wave™ inside every human body, waiting to connect our brains with our nervous system and fully explore the wisdom within and allow healing to happen.

The body has an innate intelligence to help us respond to the demands of the world around us. Just as there is a state of equilibrium – where healing, digestion and wellbeing happen – there is equally a load of pressure and stress in our modern lives.

There are three most common forms of stress that are stored as spinal blockages. Emotional stress from past traumas, chemical stress from the foods we eat and the products that surround us and physical stress from accidents, postural strain or sustained sitting lead to blockages.

The Science

Spinal Flow Technique Chilliwack Langley New Westminster

The human body has been perfectly designed to serve us with the senses, organs and anatomy that enable us to function by walking around, looking after ourselves and thinking.

The spine and nervous system are the master controllers of the human body but stressors can interrupt the healthy flow of messages up and down the spine through our nerves to our organs.

Spinal Flow Technique’s detailed understanding of the 7 gateways of the spine and 33 access points help practitioners learn everything they need to know about enabling the Spinal Wave and helping others release spinal blockages.

The anatomy of the spine – and its intimate connection to glands, organs and tissues throughout the body – are the basis of Spinal Flow Technique.

The Touch

Spinal Flow Technique uses touch, palpation, anatomical postural assessments and the 7 gateways of the spine to help locate spinal blockages.

All certified practitioners learn the art of touch, palpation and other techniques to find and release spinal blockages, as well as the key assessments and tests.

Spinal Flow Technique practitioners learn how to communicate with clients so they can identify the layers of stress and how long they have been stored in the body.

What Can Spinal Flow Help With?

Spinal Flow® can help with many symptoms & issues, including: back pain, stiff neck, fibromyalgia, headaches & migraines, anxiety & depression, low self esteem, sleep issues, fatigue, scoliosis, sciatica, gynaecological issues, digestive issues (IBS, constipation), neurological issues, asthma.

Children can really benefit from Spinal Flow as it has no contra-indications and is a very gentle touch based body therapy. It can help with colic, reflux, ear infections, difficulty feeding (breastfeeding), turning head, eczema, settling issues, sleep issues, irritability and digestive issues.

It is also a beautiful technique to support mother’s to be, from wanting to conceive to childbirth and post-partum.