Upper Body Thermography Scan

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The upper body thermography scan is a comprehensive upper body evaluation.  Imaging normally takes ¾ hour and many women choose to upgrade to this scan as a part of their yearly breast assessment.

It extends from the head down to the hands, encompassing crucial areas such as the neck, breasts, back, and abdomen.

This scan is instrumental in identifying various health concerns, including inflammation, cardiovascular risks, thyroid and organ function, and more, providing key insights for addressing underlying health issues.

The upper body thermogram will screen for indications of:

Preparing for your upper body scan

Please note that a waiting period is required for accurate breast scan results following certain events:

Three months after pregnancy, breastfeeding, major breast surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments, and one month post-biopsy or minor surgical procedures like mole removal.

What to expect

For your thermography appointment, you’ll need to undress to your underwear and remove any jewelry; a light cover will be provided for your privacy as you adjust to the room temperature.

Before the scan, we’ll go over your intake form together—please mention any recent skin changes. The scan involves taking thermal images of your body, which will be reviewed with you immediately afterwards.

These images are then sent to a physician for detailed interpretation, with results usually returned within 48 hours via email, unless you request a different delivery method.

You’re welcome to have someone accompany you during the scan and consultation.

Sooner Zahn Homeopath Langley Homeopathic Medicine Healthcare Practitioner

Sooner Zahn, LCHP

Sooner Zahn, a Post Graduate Licentiate from The College of Practical Homeopathy in London, champions holistic healing, offering alternatives to those seeking solutions beyond conventional medicine.

She utilizes a blend of Homeopathy, Thermography, herbal remedies, nutrition, and various holistic approaches, including Chinese five elements and Ayurveda, to design personalized wellness plans.

Passionate about empowering her patients, Sooner is committed to facilitating their journey toward a balanced, pain-free life through safe and effective treatments.