Homeopathy Treatments

Initial Homeopathic Consultation

We'll explore your health concerns, goals, medical history, diet, and lifestyle factors affecting your well-being, like nutrient deficiencies, stress, and sleep.

I'll gather a comprehensive symptom profile to select the most suitable homeopathic treatment & remedies for you.

Sustainably Sourced Supplements

Discover the power of personalized nutrition with Metagenics, offering an extensive selection of nutritional products designed to support your unique health requirements.

Utilize our product finder to find the perfect match for your nutritional needs.

Thermography Treatments

Full Body Study

37 images provide a complete scan of your body using thermography that can reveal inflammatory, neovascular, and neurological conditions through temperature levels, variations, and thermal pattern analysis.

Breast Study

9 images that can help detect inflammatory, neovascular, and neurological conditions, pinpoint abnormal vascular patterns linked to chronic diseases, and monitor the structural integrity of implants.

Upper Body Study

21 images with a focus on the upper body—including the head, neck, breast, chest, upper and lower back, and abdomen. This session detects inflammatory, neovascular, and neurological conditions..