Breast Thermography Scan

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Breast thermography is a noninvasive, safe technique for breast health monitoring that involves no contact, radiation, or compression.

Performed by a certified female thermographer, it requires two initial scans 90 days apart to establish a stable thermal pattern.

This baseline is crucial for identifying pathological changes early, as active cancer cells can double in roughly 90 days.

Subsequent scans compare to this baseline, with recommendations for follow-ups if changes are detected, ensuring precise monitoring over time.

Breast thermography scan will screen for indications of:

Preparing for your breast scan

Please note that a waiting period is required for accurate breast scan results following certain events:

Three months after pregnancy, breastfeeding, major breast surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments, and one month post-biopsy or minor surgical procedures like mole removal.

What to expect

Your appointment will last about 30 minutes, during which you’ll need to remove any upper body wear and jewelry.

A cover will be provided for comfort and privacy as you adjust to the room’s temperature. Before the scan, we’ll go over your intake form—please mention any skin changes on your breasts.

After taking thermal images of your breasts and nearby areas, we’ll discuss the findings and address your concerns.

The scans are then sent to a physician for review, with results typically emailed to you within 48 hours.

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Sooner Zahn, LCHP

Sooner Zahn, a Post Graduate Licentiate from The College of Practical Homeopathy in London, champions holistic healing, offering alternatives to those seeking solutions beyond conventional medicine.

She utilizes a blend of Homeopathy, Thermography, herbal remedies, nutrition, and various holistic approaches, including Chinese five elements and Ayurveda, to design personalized wellness plans.

Passionate about empowering her patients, Sooner is committed to facilitating their journey toward a balanced, pain-free life through safe and effective treatments.