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Pure Healing with Homeopathy

Sooner Zahn


My passion is to help Homeopathic patient's in reaching optimal health by using my Professional education of Practical Homeopathy.

At present, I am in my final months as a student of the College Of Practical Homeopathy, working towards achieving my Licentiate Certificate. My Internship provides me with clinical training and the building blocks for my practice in progress. It is an honor to ascertain the 'ART OF PRACTICE OF HOMEOPATHY'!

I have also successfully coached numerous amazing clients in achieving a healthy lifestyle by assisting them in my 'Holistic' program! Reshaping their bodies by losing inches from where they need it most and educating them on changing bad habits to good habits! 

On a personal note, I love old world wines and I'm infatuated with the Renaissance years! Try looking up Renaissance Medicine, some of their practices are still being used today!